Heavy Ordnance Defence Bunker (6mm)

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Heavy Ordnance Defence Bunker x 1

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The Novan heavy ordinance defence bunker can be found all across Tusculum Nova space typically guarding the approaches to cities, starports and military installations. Variably armed and often found in mutually supporting positions alongside other defensive measures, and garrisoned by a least a platoons worth of infantry these bunkers have proven there worth during countless conflicts and are not to be underestimated.

Set contains:

1 x Resin Bunker

1 x Resin heavy laser turret

1 x Resin heavy rotary cannon turret

1 x Metal radar dish

Bunker dimensions: 125mm wide, 65mm depth, 15mm high, not including turrets or radar dish.

Various models show for scale purposes only and are not included in the set. Note also that the resin colour may vary.

1 review for Heavy Ordnance Defence Bunker (6mm)

  1. dmm999000 (verified owner)

    Stunning model 100% clean cast

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