Hellborn Cult Zealots


Hellborn Cult Zealots x 25

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Mankind has just recently become aware of the ancient gods that reside at the center of their universe – inconceivable beings that gift those who worship them with other worldly power and an insight into existence that drives most mortals insane.
When the Hellborn Cults enter into outright rebellion, non-believers are mercilessly slain by their former neighbors and family members. While some Cultists arm themselves with shotguns and rifles, others prefer to exact their gods will in close combat using pistols, knives, and clubs. The Hellborn Cult Zealots run through the streets in crazed masses – slaughtering any who would oppose their gods’ will, be it man, woman, or child.
A Hellborn Cult Zealot Squad contains a random assortment of 25 6mm Hellborn Cult Zealot models, 5 poses


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