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OTC Kaiju Mega Rigs x 3

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The Kaiju Mega Rigs represent the very pinnacle of Okami Rig design and innovation. Each Mega Rig is operated by a single extensively skilled and trained pilot, utilizing a highly advanced incarnation of the neural ?interface used by other Okami Rigs. Standing over 30 feet high, and armed with a pair of tank-class weaponry or shield generators, multiple rocket packs and microwave cannon – a single unit of Kaiju can bring to bear the firepower of multiple OTC tank formations. In addition to their fearsome armament, Kaiju Mega Rigs are also equipped with powerful jump jets, allowing them to swiftly bring their weapons to bear where they are needed most, or even deploy from orbiting space craft to where the fighting is the thickest.
A Kaiju Mega Rig? unit consists of 3 32mm Kaiju Mega Rig?? Miniatures. Each Rig unit consists of 3 Kaiju Torsos, 3 connector rings, 3 unique sets of legs, 3 pairs of unique arms, 3 kenetic shield generators, 3 sonic cannons, 3 rail cannons, and 3 twin gatling cannons.
Note: Each Kaiju is a multi-part metal model. While not required, some modeling experience is recommended for best results.

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