Novan Civilian – Starships x 16

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Novan civilian – Starships x 16

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This set is made up of 8 different ship designs representing various Novan Commonwealth civilian vessels.

Set contains 16 x civilian ships (2 of each design)

Model average length approximately 20mm

Please note that these ships do not come provided with a flight stand or have a pilot hole for one. You will need to drill your own hole wherever appropriate and use a stiff wire support to base your ships on.

1 review for Novan Civilian – Starships x 16

  1. peymabarekat (verified owner)

    I bought a set of these ships and they are quite lovely. The designs are fun and they remind me of a ragtag band of survivors trekking across space if ya know what I mean. The casting is good – there are some faint mould lines and wee tags that I needed to needle file off but depending on how you paint them this may not even show. I ended up using mine as small Reaver type craft, several per base to create a swarm effect. I pinned them to their bases, it was a little tricky in some areas but patience paid off. Great minis 🙂 Ragsta

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