Novan Convent Forefront Squads (jump packs)

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Novan Convent Forefront Troopers (jump packs) x 40

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This set contains:

4 x Forefront squad leaders (jump packs)

4 x Forefront troopers with flame pistol (jump packs)

32 x Forefront troopers with machine pistols (jump packs)

1 review for Novan Convent Forefront Squads (jump packs)

  1. sarouan (verified owner)

    Those miniatures are really amazing – enough details to make them lovely, few work needed to get them ready and different models to fill your bases so that they don’t look all the same. They are also surprisingly dynamic, even though they’re on foot. They are perfect to be used as count-as seraphims.

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