Novan Convent – Pacifier APC


Novan Convent – Pacifier APC

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The Pacifier is a heavily modified variant of the Sparta APC, its primary roll is in urban pacification operations. Fitted with larger armoured viewports than a traditional APC and with hull mounted periscopes for the passengers, those onboard are provided with improved situational awareness when operating in built up areas. A dozer blade can also be mounted on the forward hull to help with breaching obstacles. Standard armament is a small remotely operated twin machine gun mount on the upper hull.

Alternatively the passenger compartment can be quickly refitted to contain an armoured fuel tank from which to feed a non lethal crowd control water cannon, or if in extremely hostile situations or supporting battlefield operations a heavy dual flamethrower can be mounted.

Set contains:

3 x Pacifier hulls

3 x Armoured dozer blades

3 x Twin heavy machine gun turrets

3 x Twin heavy flamethrower turrets

3 x Water cannon




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