Novan Convent Redeemers

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Novan convent redeemers set x 1

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Novan Convent Redeemer

It is unknown as to whether the pilots of the mechs known as “Redeemers” are in conscious control of the vehicles they ride to war, or if they are criminals sentenced to a fatal destiny by the harsh order of Saullo’s covert lawgivers.

Each Convent Redeemer set contains 6 redeemers:

3 x Redeemer body A

3 x Redeemer body B

6 x Left Arm

6 x Right Arm

Models painted by Todd Farnholtz

1 review for Novan Convent Redeemers

  1. sarouan (verified owner)

    Now that the Novan Convent infantry is out, you can clearly see the girl on front is a bit smaller than her fellows. It’s not that huge as difference, since she’s basically naked and shaved and the others are in full armor, it can be easily justified. Not fond of the weapons on the shoulders, it makes the engine a bit silly when the arms are glued lifted. Still do the work as count as penitent engines.

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