Novan Desert Infantry Platoon

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Desert Infantry x 40

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Armed in a similar manner to conventional Novan Rifle squads, the Desert Infantry are issued with survival equipment and water-reclamation bodysuits intended for operations conducted in extremely hot environments, where exposed flesh leeches moisture into the harsh atmosphere.

40 x Desert infantry

2 reviews for Novan Desert Infantry Platoon

  1. James (verified owner)

    Great desert PBI grunts!! From the small details of the headscarfs all the way to the lasguns and poses, these are great fun affordable model to build anything from a single detachment all the way to an entire army with for any number of game systems. They especially work great with being mixed with the Desert Specialists as well!

  2. Martyn greenwood (verified owner)

    Excellent sculpts not a lot of clean up to do lots of detail for 6mm overall very pleased with them.

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