Novan Elite – Affray Squads

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Elites Affray x 40

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Most Praetorian armies from Tusculum Nova can call on a wide range of infantry unit types, from conscript inductees to royal marines, but a few are able to employ greater assets.

The Elites are deployed by King Saullo only sparingly as their numbers are few, but in battle they are his greatest instrument of terror.

Encased in thick armour, wearing helms reminiscent of the knights of old Earth, the standard weapon of each Elite is an assault carbine. One in every ten Affray Elites carries a portable rocket launcher, whilst another is armed with a flamethrower.

40 x Affray Elites.

3 reviews for Novan Elite – Affray Squads

  1. Fritz Eloff (verified owner)

    Although these miniatures have great detail, they stand almost 9mm tall and look out of scale next to regular 6mm figures.

    • John

      Hi Fritz,

      Yes these guys are big but then they are meant to be similar to a certain other companys superhuman space soldiers which are supposed to be 8ish feet tall hence the size next to regular 6/7mm infantry. In general over the years 6mm figures have grown a little from the old days too.

      If you do not require these figures then please return them for a re-fund it’s not a problem.

      Cheers John

  2. Adrian (verified owner)

    Just received these figures, the detail on these miniatures is great together with dynamic poses and really appreciate they look like super-human genetically modified giants!


    • John

      They are big chaps that’s for sure.

  3. ian.alexander.2020 (verified owner)

    These minis are way more detailed and crisp than I thought. 11/10 will order again.

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