Novan Elites (B) – Affray Squads

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Novan Elites (B) – Affray Squads

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Novan Elites – Affray squads in type B armour.

Set contains:

40 x Affray infantry with rifles

4 x Sergeants variously armed

Note: These figures stand around 8mm tall as befits their super soldier status.

Models painted by me.

2 reviews for Novan Elites (B) – Affray Squads

  1. osjclatchford (verified owner)

    Never seen so much detail and character on 6mm minis that I have in this range! These are actually the first 6mm infantry minis I’ve ever painted. It was a real fun and surprisingly easy process. Basecoat, wash and highlight. Simple! These certainly have a 30k vibe to them. Featuring aspects of MK3 Mk6 and Mk5 in there but to see all the different advancing, aiming etc poses is the real kicker here. Never seen that in this scale. So nice to have stands that feature troops doing more than just standing! Lol will be back for more stuff soon 😉

  2. netsu (verified owner)

    The casts are perfect and the details are way better in person than in the photos, can’t waint to paint them!

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