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Battlemaster x 2

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The Battlemaster is a front line C4i (command, control, communications, computer and intelligence) vehicle for novan elite forces.

The design is basically a stretched mauler assault transport chassis and shares many components with that vehicle, the increased internal space allows for a full battlefield command and control suite to be installed giving up to the minute intelligence and situational awarness to the battlegroup commander via the highly sophisticated sensor dome mounted on the upper hull and functions in a similar roll to the regular armies Dictum command vehicle.

The sensor module (with a more limited capacity) can also be mounted on the trojan APC but the smaller size of this vehicle does not allow for the full command package or holo tank to be installed.

Due to the increased internal space a transport variant of this vehicle has been developed for novan elite troops in heavy armour allowing up to 10 such troopers to be transported instead of the mauler’s 5 man capacity with this armour type. With the sensor suite removed the vehicle also has the capacity to mount a scorpion tank turret for increased firepower. This however does reduce the transport capacity back to 5 men due to the turrets operating systems, crew and ammunition.

This model kindly sponsored by Mike Salway many thanks mike.

Pack contains 2 x battlemaster command tanks with optional weapons.

Dimensions are: hull length 42mm, hull width 25mm, hull height 9mm not including sponson mounts or sensor dome.


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