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Novan elites eagle dropship x 1

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The Novan Elites make use of many types of aircraft including fighters, bombers, shuttles, heavy landers and dropships, the Eagle is a medium class dropship capable of fighting its way past an orbital blockade to deliver a full Maniple of Elites infantry to a planetary surface under combat conditions. Heavily armed and armoured this aerospace craft is also a supremely powerful air asset in its own right. The main dorsal turret can be fitted with a variety of different weapon systems, including an accurate and hard-hitting heavy laser cannon, allowing it to engage heavily fortified orbital and surface positions, as well as enabling ground-support “pylon runs” to strike hardened surface targets. Secondary weapons include supplemental wing-mounted laser cannon and air to ground missile clusters. Close in defence and landing zone suppression is provided by automated heavy machine gun turrets. Even a single Eagle dropship is likely to prove to be an incalculably valuable asset to any Elites battle group.

This set consists of one resin cast model made up of the follow:

1 x Eagle hull

7 x Eagle component sprues

Dimensions: Length 92mm nose to rear thrusters, Wing span 90mm, Height 28mm bottom of landing gear to rear stabiliser wing.

3 reviews for Novan Elites Eagle Dropship

  1. greg (verified owner)

    One of the best 6mm scale models I have ever owned. I bought 2 on the day they went up on the store and really enjoyed building and painting both.

    +Crisp detail
    +Hardly any mould lines (I mean almost none)
    +Easy to put together
    +Choice of main dorsal gun
    +Dorsal turret can be built so it still rotates

    +Some of finer detail seems a little bit thin, as in if you hold them up to a light you can see through them. The forward wings and upper tail wing for example. However, once I painted them nobody would ever know. To be fair I have had thinner bits of resin from another much larger resin retailer in my time.
    +No flying base (although there is a guide hole for drilling your own slot). I don’t think anything in the range comes with a base.

    I’m normally an old-fashioned metal miniatures kind of guy, however this model so was so sweet it got built and painted in record time and added to my army. Also so much easier to mount on a flying stand/base because of the difference in weight compared to Bulwark Assault Craft from the same range.

    Well worth the price in my opinion. You get what you pay for after all and this is a top tier product.

  2. eric (verified owner)

    Excellent — I concur with everything the previous reviewer ‘greg’ already said, except to note that I received a flying base for each dropship (I ordered two).

    Very nice model — nice design and good quality, at a good price. I also appreciate the benefit of resin over metal — easier to glue, paint sticks better, and the weight saving will indeed make them easier to mount/use with their flight stands.

  3. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    This is a good resin model, compared to most, with very little flashing. Assembly is pretty easy, and its a very snug fit. There are 3 options for the main gun, which is always nice to have options. The turret doesn’t need to be magnetized or glued in as it snaps in place, the the area behind the turret prevents it from going anywhere (make sure you put the turret in FIRST), THEN glue the back half on).

    It also looks like it has a little x-wing configuration, with 2 smaller wings with lasers that can be angled up from the back engines (in the pics they just look flush with the wings). This is much like the epic 40k thunderhawk gunship option, but as is so common with resin little bits one of my wings had the laser part busted off with it nowhere to be found. If these were part of the wing it probably wouldn’t been a problem, but some resin stuff can just be extremely brittle 🙁 I think it would have looked amazing with those small wings up but even then those little lasers protrude quite a bit and would still snap off easily.

    Still though, overall an excellent model that looks great.

    • John

      Eric Smith, I’m sorry to hear that you have had damaged models arrive, I do try to pack orders so that they arrive in good condition.
      If you email me with a picture of the broken parts I will send you replacements.
      Regards John

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