Novan Elites Fleet – Felis Class Stealth Ships

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Novan Elites Fleet – Felis Class Stealth Ships

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Felis Class stealth ships are used by Elite forces for special missions and deep recon operations and carry special ordinance amongst there arsenal. A small reasonably well armoured vessel the Felis rely’s heavily on it’s stealth technology to evade detection, and it’s speed manoeuvrability and shield’s for protection should it be discovered. A black ops ship more than a front line combat vessel it never the less has proven its worth in many campaigns the length and breadth of Commonwealth space.

Set contains:

4 x Felis stealth ship hulls
4 x optional wings sets

Model length: 31mm

1 review for Novan Elites Fleet – Felis Class Stealth Ships

  1. markfarren (verified owner)

    If you have a penchant for anything SM then adding the wings to these might give you a squadron of escort vessels or (dare I say it) transport for a small team. Those wings just scream for some form of identification.

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