Novan Elites – Forefront Maniple (with jumppacks)

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Elites Forefront Maniple (jumppacks) x 40

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Most Praetorian armies from Tusculum Nova can call on a wide range of infantry unit types, from conscript inductees to royal marines, but a few are able to employ greater assets.

Encased in thick armour, wearing helms reminiscent of the knights of old Earth.

Forefront units use jet turbines and close combat shear-swords to hold the front lines, whilst Affray Units lay down covering fire.

40 x Forefront Elites with Jump packs.

4  x sergeants

4 x micro-wave gunners

32 x pistol and sword armed Elites.



1 review for Novan Elites – Forefront Maniple (with jumppacks)

  1. ian.alexander.2020 (verified owner)

    If you need heavily armored jerks with jet packs and chainswords, these are the guys. Models are well sculpted and molded. These can’t be easy to manufacture.

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