Novan Elites – Guardian Tanks (Patroclus)


Novan Elites – Guardian Tanks (Patroclus)

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The Elites Guardian tank is yet another product of Tusculum Nova’s most advanced research and development program to equip it’s Elite forces with the most powerful weapons and equipment that can be provided. Guardian’s are intended to act as front line main battle tanks a roll originally filled by the older Scorpion designs which have now been relegated to a supporting roll for the mechanised squadrons. The hull bears a similar appearance to the Mauler assault transport and was developed alongside that vehicle. Although smaller than the mauler it is none the less a very potent design heavily armed and armoured with an impressive turn of speed .

This particular variant of the Guardian utilises the latest turret design commonly found on many new production run Trojan IFV’s with in this case a twin 30mm auto-cannon mounted to either side of the commanders hatch with both anti-personnel and anti-armour capability, cheaper and easier to produce and maintain than the Guardians railgun system this configuration has found favour with many Elite forces and has even been retrofitted to damaged vehicles in the field.

Two sponson mounting points are also available these can be fitted with several weapon options with either the standard laser cannon or heavy machinegun being the most common choices and there is also a permanant forward hull MG fitted as standard.

In the guardian elite forces have a highly versatile and potent battle tank able to survive in the deadliest of warzones.

This pack contains 3 x guardian main battle tanks with auto-cannon turrets.

Model dimensions are: 30mm long, 22mm wide not including sponsons, 15mm high to top of turret.