Novan Elites Hammer and Hunter Tanks


Novan elites hammer/hunter tank x 2

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As Novan Elite forces grew to operate more independently from other elements of the Novan military, they were forced to develop vehicles and units normally assigned to the Novan Regulars. This means that the Novan Elites needed to develop their own siege tanks. A modification of the Trojan Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) hull was developed to match the Regulars’ Support Tank Hull. Like its Warrior IFV based brother, this variant of the Trojan has been armed with various weapon configurations – the two most popular being the Siege Cannon and the Heavy Laser Cannon.

The Trojan Hammer is a light siege tank, deployed to take out enemy bunkers and fortifications. Its Siege Cannon can easily turn armoured structures into rubble.

The Trojan Hunter’s role is that of a tank hunter. Its Heavy Laser Cannon has been designed to penetrate heavy armour and thick shielding, making the Trojan Hunter the perfect candidate to eliminate enemy tanks and even larger war engines.

Pack contains: 2 x hulls, 2 x siege cannon, 2 x laser cannon


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