Novan Elites Lynx Class Destroyers


Novan Elites Lynx Class Destroyers x 2

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Lynx class Destroyers are small and fast craft that are capable of quickly delivering their deadly cargo. For its size the Lynx is heavily armed, making it a jack of all trades. Its basic armament includes two dorsal mounted twin turrets to take out incoming ordnance which can be replaced with planetary bombardment cannon as the mission dictates, and two pairs of prow torpedo tubes. Its broadsides allow for different types of weapon systems which can be changed whilst in dock due to its modular design. Most common broadside configurations are either weapon batteries or launch bays for a small compliment of fighters and assault craft.
Its diverse armament is also its main disadvantage. A lot of space normally used for supplies such as fuel, ammunition, foodstuffs, and oxygen is sacrificed for the Lynx’s many weapon systems. What this means is that the Lynx needs constant resupplying, making it incapable of long independent missions away from sources of supply. Because of this the Lynx is often deployed on short duration missions only, when not operating as part of a larger battle flotilla.
This set contains:
2 x Lynx Destroyer hulls (1 x batteries, 1 x launch bays)
2 x optional wings sets and twin turrets
2 x alternative bombardment turrets
Painted by me in Ferro Ascendancy colours.
Model length approx. 38mm
Flight base not included.



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