Novan Elites Mauler Assault Transport x 2

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Mauler tank x 2

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Mauler assault tanks are starting to see widespread service with Tusculum Nova’s elite fighting troops. Developed in secrecy and built to the highest specifications this battle winning vehicle stands at the pinnacle of novan armoured fighting vehicle design.

Massively armoured and heavily armed this machine has been created to deliver unscathed novan elite forces directly into the teeth of the enemies defensive line.

This particular variant has two sponson mounted twin anti-tank laser cannon and a roof mounted twin heavy machine gun for clearing the immediate area in front of the assault ramp. If the enemy force’s being engaged are numerous then the machine gun mount is often upgraded with a twin rotary cannon turret which has truly devastating firepower at such close ranges.

This vehicle has been created with a modular capability and has already seen several optional weapon fits rolling off the production lines.

This pack contains 2 x Mauler tanks with several modelling options including a smoke pod, command uplink dish and an up armour kit.

Model dimensions are: 35mm long, 25mm wide and 13mm high not including weapons mounts

7 reviews for Novan Elites Mauler Assault Transport x 2

  1. Luthian Me (verified owner)

    A great quailty metal miniature with plenty of detail. The super fast two-day delivery was good too 🙂

    • John

      Glad you like them and thanks for the custom. I do try to ship the next day if possible.

      Cheers John

  2. Adrian (verified owner)

    Solid metal miniatures, great looking and full of detail a must for any Marine collection. Good range of options looking forward to the rest of the range!!

    Cheers we have more elites vehicles on the drawing board and the stormer has now been printed.

  3. daniel_cave00 (verified owner)

    Beautiful models, the level of detail and number of options is excellent. They are huge and imposing exactly what I was looking for.

    Looking forward to putting some paint on them and pushing them over the battlefield tables

    • John

      Pleased you like these they are nice and chunkie aren’t they.

  4. (verified owner)

    Bit late to the game … The Maulers are fantastic. Chunky, as John says above.
    I only bought 2x to start with … proof-of-concept. (Aug = AT!). I think they’re brilliant.
    Will be ordering more BH Monday. Have a bit of a DakkaDakka thread on these (re. painting).
    My first foray into 6mm (‘cept some old BT stuff decades ago…). The detail compared to old Epic is crazy. Just a wash with Agrax really pulls out all the recesses & panel lines. The tracks are sublime.
    Very easy to assemble (even though I did manage to stick 1x sponson gun to my elbow …)

    Question@ Vanguard?John(?): Could you envisage a bigger pack (e.g. 6x / 8x)?
    When will the Tusculum Nova Winter guys be back in stock? Please, don’t make me go to Khurusan … the shipping’s horendeous .. 🙂

    • John

      Hi, A bigger pack would be no different to buying several regular packs yes.

      Winter riflemen currently under going a revamp and will be back in store in 4 to 6 weeks time give or take. Thanks for your custom regards John

  5. benamontame (verified owner)

    Good price for an excellent product. Solid sculpts with quality metal. Huge amounts of detail and selection of weapons and extra armour. Initially bought two but will certainly be back for more!

  6. rory.v.g.johnstone (verified owner)

    Fantastic price for a pair of models with excellent detail levels, going to look fantastic in any 30-40K army or as I’m intending, AT basing options, will definitely be back for more

  7. netsu (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and design. I recetly bought some original epic vehicles and they were full of faults and imperfections, which makes me appreciate the quality of Vanguard even more, they are just flawless. Love the extra bits and options too, perfect leftovers for conversions.

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