Novan Elites Panthera II Class Heavy Frigate x 2

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Nova elites panthera II class heavy frigates x 2

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The Panthera class Heavy Frigate is the workhorse of the Novan Elite fleets. Heavily armed and armoured, its various weapon configurations allow it to fulfil many different void combat roles.
No matter its broadside configuration, the Panthera’s basic armament includes two heavy twin or optionally triple linked dorsal mounted turrets and two pairs of prow torpedo tubes. Its broadsides allow for different types of weapon systems which can be changed whilst in dock due to it’s modular design.

Most commonly used are weapons batteries, more than capable of tearing huge chunks out of enemy vessels many times its own size. Another popular configuration for the Panthera is to fit it with launch bays, allowing the heavy frigate to carry several squadrons of Javelin fighters and Pilum bombers. In order to protect other ships of the fleet from waves of ordnance and enemy fighters the Panthera is sometimes also configured with broadside turret platforms capable of projecting a withering volume of defensive fire.

This set now contains the components necessary to build the Panthera II refit version as an option.

set contents:

2 x Panthera hulls
2 x Wing sets with adaptors (forward and aft)
2 x Twin turret broadsides
2 x Triple turret broadsides
2 x Launch bay broadsides
2 x Gun deck broadsides

Model is 52mm long, bases not included.

1 review for Novan Elites Panthera II Class Heavy Frigate x 2

  1. John Healy (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered these ships twice now, and I’m very happy with what I’ve received. They are a solid hunk of metal with crisp and clean details all over the ship. Minimal assembly is required and all parts have fit tightly together. The hole for the pegs is just the right size for the usual flight stands. I was able to go from washing to finished ships in record time, say about ten minutes per ship with fast drying glue. Once base-coated the details in these ships will cry out for a careful and characterful paint scheme. I’m watching the development of this particular line of ships with interest.

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