Novan Elites Sniper Tank Hunter


Sniper tank x 3

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The sniper tank hunter is a dedicated anti armour vehicle constructed on a modified and reconfigured guardian hull. It shares many common features and systems of the guardian and was developed to work alongside that tank in mixed battlegroups.

It’s main weapon system is a high powered long range laser cannon fixed in the forward hull position and capable of penetrating the armour of most enemy tanks with easy. Secondary armament consists of  two sponson points just like the guardian with the same weapon options and the hull MG as standard.

Most commonly working in teams of three vehicles on dedicated anti armour duties or as single vehicles attached to guardian formations this vehicle has already made it’s mark on the battlefield and gained a fearsome reputation amongst enemy vehicle crews.

This pack contains 3 x sniper tank hunters

Model dimensions are: 30mm long not including gun barrel, 22mm wide not including sponsons, 14mm high.


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