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Elites Specialists x 40

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The Novan Elites Specialists pack contains a variety of model types, including Banner bearers, Commanders, Mystics, Priests, Heavy Weapons troopers, Logisticians, and tracked support cannons.

Banner bearers are used in ceremonial duties, but are sometimes deployed into combat operations to demoralise the enemy by proudly displaying the Lion’s Banner.

Novan Elites Commanders are given their status according to the King’s wishes, and normally are given along with land and a noble title on one of the King’s planetary domains.

Mystics use incantations and magical spells to destroy the enemies of the King, whilst Priests summon no less deadly support from the three gods of Tusculum Nova.

Heavy Weapons troopers are deployed by Novan Elites armies according to the needs of the army, either joining Affray squads as their attached heavy weapon carrier, or forming dedicated Redoubt squads that concentrate their firepower.

Lastly, Logisticians are deployed by Elites armies to manage supply of ammunition and consumables for the army, but during battles they may also be seen controlling tracked weapons carriages (both Quad Laser and Quad Mortar variants are employed) to support the front line action or provide a firebase to pin the enemy in place whilst the Elites prepare a new advance.

This set contains 2 x of each sculpt pictured, for a total of 40 models

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  1. ian.alexander.2020 (verified owner)

    Wish they had an a bulky ammo backpack to complete the “heavy” support look but great nonetheless.

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