Novan Elites Stormer Siege Breaker Assault Carrier


Stormer x 1

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The Stormer is the largest combat vehicle currently in operation with novan elite forces. Designed to carry novan elite siege armoured troops right up to the walls of enemy fortifications unscathed this incredibly tough fighting machine has aided in the fall of many an impregnable fortress. Massively armoured and heavily shielded this vehicle can absorb an incredible amount of punishment on it’s approach.

Armed with a breaching microwave battery to it’s front boardering the assault  ramp it also has several sponson locations for self defense and a upper hull mounted rocket mortar positioned to bombard the defenders on the walls, alternatively some will carry rotary cannon mounts instead.

This set contains 1 x stormer hull with separate assault ramp and 1 x stormer weapons sprue.


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