Novan Fleet – Raider Class Brigs


Novan Fleet – Raider Class Brigs

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The Raider class Brig is somewhat of an oddity, to big to be considered an attack craft but also to small to be considered a true warship it occupies a unique position within the Novan navy. It serves in several civil as well as combat rolls include system patrol and policing and as a strike craft for the various fleets.

Small, agile and fast the Raider class makes an effective weapons platform, basically  a reactor housing, engines and a bridge it is relatively cheap to manufacture and has been produced in large numbers. The Raider is however not jump capable and must be transported to the combat zone via an especially adapted and configured transport carrier which serves as mothership for the squadron. Armaments on the naval version include two torpedo batteries, a port and starboard mounted triple laser cannon turret and a ventral mounted twin laser cannon turret with a 360 degree field of fire.

Set contains:

4 x Raider Brig hulls

4 x Raider parts sprues (turrets and flight base adaptor)

Model dimensions: height 20mm, length 15mm, width 12mm including turrets.


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