Novan Fleet – Zeus Pattern Destroyers


Novan Fleet – Zeus Pattern Destroyers

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Zeus pattern destroyer

The distinctive “eagle” figureheads denote the Zeus class as a product of the great Rhialto VI Fleetyards in the Triumvirate of Aquilae. This class of destroyer, originally classified as a “destroyer-escort,” first saw duty in the great Skinner Rebellion, guarding convoys of crucial supplies as relief was rushed to the Rimward Marches. Designed with strong hulls and overpowered engines, these quick and deadly vessels are designed to take the fight to the enemy, often detaching in squadrons of three or four to launch concentrated attacks or to screen larger vessels as they maneuver for broadsides.  Their powerful engines allow them to range enemies over great distances, engage and eliminate fast fleet elements such as frigates and escorts, and then return to formation at high speed.

Set contains:

3 x Zeus pattern Destroyers

Model length: 30mm


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