Novan Regulars Airborne – Heavy Combat Car

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Novan Regulars Airborne – Heavy Combat Car

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Novan airborne forces utilise air transportable vehicles with two man crews to provide mobility and heavier firepower for their airborne battle groups.

The heavy combat car serves in the fire support vehicle role, it is fitted with a manned turret with a 360 degree field of fire. Most common armament is either a twin rapid fire pulse laser to deal with massed infantry or twin anti-tank laser cannon.

Set contains:

4 x Heavy combat cars

4 x Roll cages

4 x Twin laser cannon turrets

4 x Twin pulse laser turrets

1 review for Novan Regulars Airborne – Heavy Combat Car

  1. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    These were a bit larger than expected, 1″ for the body plus a bit of a trailer hitch (but no trailers???). Great sculpt, little to no flashing, great detail. I can’t really see the difference in the turret types without REALLY focusing, and the extra turrets can be used for all sorts of things… heck, even sitting on the vanguard turrets instead of the twin lascannon/bolter.

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