Novan Regulars Airborne – Light Combat Car

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Novan Regulars Airborne – Light Combat Car

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Novan airborne forces utilise air transportable vehicles with two man crews to provide mobility and heavier firepower for their airborne battle groups.

The light combat car functions as a scout vehicle and also fulfils a fast attack role. Most common armament is either a heavy flamethrower or belt fed grenade launcher.

Set contains:

4 x Light combat car chassis

4 x Roll cages

4 x Grenade launcher gunners

4 x Flamethrower gunners

1 review for Novan Regulars Airborne – Light Combat Car

  1. Eric Smith (verified owner)

    I ordered these as possible mechanized infantry for battletech, but they were just too big (20mm for main body). However, they are excellent sculpts. The bed in the back doesn’t have a hole or anything and is fully textured, so you don’t have to put the gunner on it and can just have cargo versions.

    Not sure how to use them yet, but they are great models.

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