Novan Regulars Airborne – Specialists

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Novan Regulars Airborne – Specialists

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Novan airborne forces make use of various types of aircraft for transport and deployment on to the field of battle. Often deploying directly from hovering aircraft utilising drop-packs these troops are a highly motivated elites within the Novan Regulars military.

Set contains: 50 figures and 3 drones

4 x Officers

4 x Political officers

2 x Command module operators

2 x Communications officers

6 x Mortar teams (2 figures)

6 x Missile launcher teams (2 figures)

6 x Snipers

3 x Landing troopers

2 x HALO troopers

3 x Demolition drones with operators

Models painted by Stig Kelly

1 review for Novan Regulars Airborne – Specialists

  1. Deborah (verified owner)

    These minis provide your drop troop army a variety of options. I have use the minis from this pack to make the hardened veterans, the fire support troops, the mortar troops, spotters, cyclops and officers and commissars for the companies.

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