Novan Regulars Airborne – VTOL Buzzard Sky Crane Transport Mk1


Novan Regulars Airborne – Buzzard Sky Crane Transport Mk1

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The P-1218 Buzzard Sky crane transport VTOL Aircraft (Mk1) is yet another development of the Raptor aircraft program being a heavily modified Kestrel airframe designed to carry light vehicles into combat zones. Instead of a troop cabin it has four articulated hydraulic arms that clamp onto the cargo be it a light vehicle or supply pod which allows rapid deployment of the cargo and a quick exit of the drop zone for these lightly armed aircraft.

Most commonly escorted by Falcon gunships the Buzzard has proven a very versatile addition to novan air assault forces.

Length – 5cm, Wingspan – 4cm

This set contains 2 x Buzzard Sky Crane Transport Mk1 Aircraft, and 2 x plastic flying stands.



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