Novan Regulars Centurion Tank (Paris)


Centurion tank (Paris) x 3

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The centurion main battle tank is the most common tank used by novan regular forces in the field a rugged and heavily armoured design it has been built to be a reliable and easy to operate vehicle capable of going long periods of time between maintenance cycles making it the perfect machine to equip Tusculum Nova’s armoured divisions.

The design has seen many weapon fits over the years this variant (Paris configuration) mounts the fearsome plasmic cannon capable of breaching the type of heavy armour worn by novan elite forces this is a rare but extremely potent anti heavy infantry weapon system. The regular forward hull laser cannon is also present on this variant and the optional sponsons usually house the common heavy machine guns for conventional anti infantry duties.

Pack contains 3 x centurion heavy infantry hunter tanks with modelling options.


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