Novan Regulars Dragon Flamethrower Tank


Dragon tank x 3

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Dragon flamethrower tanks are not operated by regular mechanised forces but by specialist engineer units attached to novan battlegroups on an ad hoc basis as the situation dictates.

Yet another variant of the popular warrior chassis the rear hull troop carrying section has been replaced with a massive armoured fuel pod which feeds a high pressure flame projector turret capable of hurling a jet of extremely volatile and highly combustable liquid many metres. Utilised to breach enemy defense zones and stubborn pockets of enemy resistance this terror weapon has been know to cause the enemy to withdraw at the sight of an approaching dragon before it even gets close enough to fire.

An horrific but highly effective weapon system used sparingly but to great effect by novan forces the dragon flame tank is considered by many a distastful but none the less necessary tool.

This pack contains 3 x Dragon tanks each with three variant turret options.

Model dimensions: 35mm long, 20mm wide, 16mm high to top of fuel tank.


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