Novan Regulars – Medusa Siege Assault Carrier


Novan Regulars – Medusa Siege Assault Carrier

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The Medusa is a dedicated assault carrier developed specifically for the needs of the renowned “Siege regiments” of the Fero Ascendancy. A major adaption of the Tribune heavy tank hull capable of transporting up to four squads of infantry, with egress via a drop down assault ramp. Armaments include sponson heavy machine guns, sponson grenade launchers and two twin medium machine gun mounts in the upper hull. Used on mass to overwhelm enemy positions with sheer weight of numbers these troop carriers have proven most effect in there assigned roll.

This set contains:

1 x resin Medusa hull

1 x resin components sprue

1 x metal sponsons sprue

1 x metal gunners sprue (2 gunners)

11 x metal passengers sprues (44 passengers)

Model painted by Gregory Bailly


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