Novan Regulars – Siege Infantry

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Novan Regulars – Siege Infantry

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48 x Novan Siege Infantry


3 reviews for Novan Regulars – Siege Infantry

  1. the-anvil-of-doom (verified owner)

    Straight upgrade to the first wave of sculpts done by TM.
    the ankles are very durable and i prefer their new guns. also coming with a heavy weapon means you don’t HAVE to waste some of your specialists in the unit to make it WYSIWYG and you can use them

  2. leonburchell (verified owner)

    Superb range, excellent detail as usual and fill all the required needs for a Siege army. Will end up with several thousand of these.

  3. giovanni (verified owner)

    Infantry in winter uniform, equipped with rifles and supported by rocket launchers and leaders
    The miniatures are solid and sturdy and beautifully crafted, as per Vanguard standard.
    The poses are varied. Some kneeling, others standing, others moving … original and much appreciated is the infantryman pointing his rifle slightly upwards. Admire the launch of heavy artillery fire? or aim at flying units?

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