Novan Regulars Warrior 1 Hammer And Hunter Tanks


Support tanks x 3

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The Archer hull has seen numerous adaptions over it’s years of service. Many field modifications as well as factory produced variants have come and gone but others have proven themselves in the test of battle and endured to this day. Two such variants are the Hunter tank destroyer and the Hammer bunker buster.

Both vehicles use the same adapted Archer hull to house a specialist heavy weapon in a fixed forward mount giving a low profile for an excellent hull down capability.

The hunter houses a long barrelled high energy laser cannon capable of penetrating the heaviest armour making for a most effect tank hunter.

The hammer on the other hand has a completely different roll and houses a short barrelled heavy mortar designed to smash enemy fortifications to rubble in short order.

Most often seen supporting Warrior mounted mechanised forces these vehicles are a powerful addition to the Novan arsenal.

This pack contains:

3 x hull

3 x sprues with optional weapons

Model dimensions: 35mm long not including gun barrel, 20mm wide, 11mm high.


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