Novan Regulars – Warrior II Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Novan Regulars – Warrior II IFV

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Warrior II is a purpose designed Infantry Fighting Vehicle in common service with many of the great Novan houses, created to transport an infantry squad in relative safety to the front line and to fight alongside that squad when they are dismounted as an infantry armour team. There are several patterns in service and many different weapon systems have been fitted over the years, it is rugged and relatively fast for an armoured transport vehicle two features that have ensured its longevity, with the basic hull seeing development for many other military vehicles such as recon, command, heavy weapons carrier and artillery chassis to name but a few it is sure to remain in service for many years to come.


Set contains:

4 x Warrior II hulls

3 x Warrior II turret and bow MG sprues (fixed hatches)

1 x Warrior II turret and bow MG sprue (separate hatch)

1 x closed hatch

1 x open hatch

Model dimensions: Length 27mm, Width 18mm, Height 13mm to top of turret.


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