Novan – Sparta APC’s

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Novan sparta apc set x 1

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Novan Sparta APC

The Sparta is a light APC originally developed for Convent forces but it has also found favour and been adapted by some houses for use with Novan Elites Pathfinders teams who find it’s small size and silenced stealth engines ideal for battlefield recon duties.

Each set of Novan Sparta vehicles contains 4 x Spartas, 4 x double sided rear hatches, plain on one side, fleur-de-lys on the other.

Model approx. dimensions: length 26mm, width 16mm, height 9mm

Comparison images alongside the Elites Trojan APC.

1 review for Novan – Sparta APC’s

  1. wodvamp (verified owner)

    These are really lovely miniatures. Nice and chunky with crisp detail

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