Novan Warrior Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle (A)


Warrior (A) x 3

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The warrior heavy IFV has seen service in every battlezone in which novan forces have campaigned it is a versatile and rugged design with numerous patterns and variants being used across novan controlled space.

This particular variant transports novan armoured infantry formations and allows these troops to keep pace with the many tank formations alongside which they serve. It has seen many different armamants over the years but the most common fitment is a quick cycling pulse laser.

This [A] pack contains:

3 x warrior IFV’s hulls

3 x Pulse laser turrets

3 x Dozers and bow weapons sprues

1 x optional turrets sprue with  3 different turrets, flamethrower, autocannon and twin heavy machine gun.

Model dimensions: 35mm long not including dozer blade, 20mm wide, 15mm high to top of turret.


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