Plastic Flight Bases (10)

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Plastic flight bases x 10

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32mm diameter flight bases from Troublemaker Games.

Pack contains 10 x plastic flying stands.

2 reviews for Plastic Flight Bases (10)

  1. Björn Eriksson (verified owner)

    Ok flight bases but what isnt showed in the picture is that all the “vertical stick parts” have two 2-3 mm round nudges that arnt all that estetic.. I will probably keep using mine but only until I find ones that are better.
    See my image:

    • John

      The round indents are from the mould ejector pins an unfortunate result of production I’m afraid.

  2. eric (verified owner)

    Great — sturdy, very good value for money.

    Bjorn’s review that mentions that the rods have “two 2-3 mm round nudges that [aren’t aesthetically pleasing]”. This is factually correct, but I’d be surprised if many people are really all that bothered by it, especially during use for gaming. And let’s not forget, other alternatives tend to have big odd-shaped bubbles inside them which are no more pleasing and can weaken the stand, and they cost more.

    Also, these bases also have a rim around the bottom — the resulting space under the base means that they are less prone to wobbling due to a lump on the gaming surface under the base. And, with plastic and resin (not sure about metal) I found that I could drill a (2mm IIRC?) hole that fit perfectly such that the pin on top of the rod is gripped tightly enough for play but not so tight that you can’t pull it out for storage. Ideal.

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