Raiju Heavy Assault Rigs


Raiju Heavy Assault Rigs x 5

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The Okami Battle Rigs are a marvel of advanced technology. Once a pilot enters the cockpit, the Rig interfaces with their neurological matrix, allowing the operator to control the fighting machine as easily as their own bodies. It takes decades of training before a potential pilot is allowed to utilize a Rig on a real battlefield, but once unleashed upon the enemy, few things can withstand the assault of a highly skilled unit of OTC Battle Rigs.
The Raiju Heavy Assault Rig is one of the more specialized Rigs used by the OTC. Armed with twin Rail Cannons and a pair of shoulder mounted anti-tank missile racks, a unit of Raiju Rigs can lay to waste entire squadrons of enemy tanks before they know what hit them.
A Raiju Heavy Assault Rig Unit contains 5 random Raiju Heavy Assault Rig models, 5 poses.


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