Fallen Sisters Discordia Squad


Fallen Sisters Discordia Squad x 25

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In the hellish realm of the inverse planes, the Elder gods are forever entertained by the howling screams of the damned accompanied by a chaotic cacophony of otherworldly flutes and drums. It is this diabolic noise that creeps into the dreams of men when the barrier between worlds is weakened, driving them mad or worse – opening their souls for possession.
Fallen Sister Discordia Squads carry into battle the dreaded Discordia cannon – a sonic weapon which taps into the inverse plane and releases the terrible music found within on those terrified masses that have yet to embrace the glory of the Elder Gods. Many who hear these horrific notes are instantly struck dumb or driven mad, and yet others feel the full power of the Hellborn Gods and offer up their souls to the true masters of all existence…
A Hellborn Fallen Sister Discordia Squad contains a random assortment of 25 6mm Fallen Sister Discordia models, 5 poses.


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