Skinners – Hurk Heavy Bomber And Transport Plane


Skinners – Hurk Heavy Bomber And Transport Plane

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The Hurk is one of the heaviest of the Skinners aircraft encountered to date, commonly seen in two variants. The strategic heavy bomber variant has twin bomb bays for heavy ordinance deployment as well as being able to drop lighter bombs from the rear drop down ramp position, the wings can also mount bombs or rockets as required. The transport variant replaces the bomb bay with troop benches and sports heavy machine guns for self defence, alternatively the troop benches can be removed in order to make space for logistics operations.

Fixed armaments include two forward facing twin medium cannon on the fuselage, a rotating twin machine gun turret in the dorsal position and remotely operated rear facing twin machine guns on the tail, other armaments have also been observed.

This is a multipart resin and metal kit with modelling options.

Resin parts:

1 x Fuselage, 1 x Nose section, 2 x Wings (port and starboard), 1 x Vertical stabiliser fin, 1 x Horizontal stabiliser wing, 1 x Bomb bay module, 1 x Transport bay module, 4 x Engine intakes, 4 x Engine thrusters, 4 x Hull fixing dowels.

Metal parts:

I x Skinner Bombardier, 1 x Bomb bay ramp open, 1 x Closed ramp, 1 x Rear door cannon, 2 x Fuselage cannon, 1 x Dorsal turret, 6 x Machine gun barrels.

Model dimensions: Length 115mm, Wing span 140mm

Phantom fighter and Games Workshop Ork fighter (used without permission) show for scale purposes only and are not included in this set.


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