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Stygian Parasite Rig x 5

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Among all of the weapons of war utilized by the cruel Stygians, the Parasite Rig is perhaps the most disturbing. This hulking monstrosity literally feeds on living creatures – harvesting their very souls as a fuel source, and their vital fluids and innards as a lubricant for their infernal inner workings. Once it has used up its host, the Parasite rig discards their gruesome husk, and ensnares a new fuel source using bio-mechanical tentacles which protrude from its “tail”. There is no end to the hunger of these abominations – and unless sated in the field of battle, they will quickly turn on the Stygian around them for sustenance.
A Stygian Parasite Rig Squad contains 5 14mm Parasite Rig bodies, and 2 arm sprues featuring a number of close combat and ranged weaponry.


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