Stygian Shadow Destroyer Barge


Shadow destroyer x 3

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Unlike many other races, the armored vehicles of the Stygian are sleak, light, and extremely fast and agile.  Nearly all of the vehicles used by the Stygian are held aloft by anti-grav engines, and utilize a form of “sail” which allow them to execute manouvers unobtainable by other races.

The Shadow Destroyer Barge features the powerful Shadow Destroyer Cannon, which can make a mockery of the thickest armor plating.  Protected by “Phantom Fields” Shadow Destroyer Barges can stalk the enemy undetected until they launch their savage assaults on enemy armor formations.

A Stygian Shadow Destroyer Barge Squad contains 3 22x22x50mm Shadow Destroyer Barge Chassis, 3 sets of rails, and 3 sets of sails.


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