Taka AA Grav Tanks


OTC Taka AA Grav Tanks x 3

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The armored units deployed by the Okami Technocracy Combine are incredibly advanced weapons of war, utilizing advanced weapon systems and anti-gravity technology.
The Taka AA Grav Tank is armed with a rack of 6 drone missiles, which can hunt down and destroy enemy aricraft from a great distance. Each missile is equipped with the same AI systems as other OTC drones, which allows each to hunt down enemy targets on their own, or can be controlled directly by OTC drone controllers.
A Taka AA Grav Tank unit consists of 3 30x30mm Taka AA Tank Miniatures. Each tank consists of 1 Hull, 1 Turret, 2 Engines, and a choice of Chain Gun or Missile Launcher secondary weapon pods.


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