Talos Syndicate Marauders x3


Talos marauders x 3

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Talos Syndicate Marauders fill a close assault / anti-infantry role within the units offered by the infamous mercenary group.  Featuring heavy armor and a powerful engine, the Marauder is an invaluable addition to any Terran force, bringing brute force to bear where it’s most needed quickly over most terrain.  Marauders are armed with a terrifying heavy flame cannon, and an armor crushing hydro-fist, allowing it to wade into enemy units – melting infantry where they stand, and crushing tanks under their enormous fists.

A Talos Syndicate Marauder unit consists of 3 31mm Talos Syndicate Marauder Miniatures.  Each Talos Syndicate Marauder unit contains 3 chassis (3 poses), 3 right flame cannon arms (3 poses), and 3 left hydro-fist arms (3 poses).


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