Terran Hybrid Command


1 Hybrid Prime, 1 Guardian Warbeast, 5 Standard Bearers, 10 Terran Hybrids, 4 Hybrid Destroyers, 4 Hybrid Abominations

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When Terran Hybrids are encountered in large numbers, they are often lead by an exceptionally rare and powerful construct known simply as a “Prime” by Terran forces. Hybrid Primes appear almost human, though most still feature some tell-tale signs of their Legion lineage, such as three fingered hands, misshapen heads, and oddly colored skin.
Primes act as a conduit for the Legion’s will on the battlefield. Like the Legion Founders themselves, they appear to be psychically sensitive, leading many to theorize that Hybrid Primes contain within their biological make-up Founder genetic material. The possibility that the Founders may eventually create constructs that could pass as human beings armed with powerful psychic abilities is a terrifying prospect.
Hybrid Command Squads often feature standard bearers, much like Terran armies – so that the Hybrids under their command can easily locate their leaders in the midst of battle. An assortment of body guards can also be found in command squadrons, made up of the most loyal and battle-hardened Hybrids in the army. The most powerful Primes are accompanied by huge Legion bodyguard constructs, usually only found protecting the Founders themselves.
A Terran Hybrid Command Unit contains 1 Hybrid Prime, 1 Guardian Warbeast, 5 Standard Bearers, 10 random Terran Hybrids, 4 random Hybrid Destroyers, 4 random Hybrid Abominations – enough to make 1 command unit, 2 Terran Hybrid banner units, 1 Hybrid Abomination banner unit, and 1 Hybrid Destroyer banner unit.


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