Terran PPF Incarcerator APC


Terran PPF Incarcerator APC x 3

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Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the lawless like the sight of PPF Incarcerators.  Adapted from the more heavily armored Razorback used by the Terran Federation military, the Incarcerator allows PPF forces to deploy rapidly to where they are needed most.

When civil unrest reaches unmanageable levels, the Incarcerator can be fitted with a sonic cannon turret – which uses concentrated sound waves to drive off and disperse unruly crowds.  In extreme cases, or when the PPF is called upon to assist military units, the Incarcerator can be fitted with a lethal Heavy Machine Gun turret instead.

A Terran PPF Incarcerator APC unit consists of 3 12x24x10mm Terran PPF Incarcerator APC Miniatures.  Each APC consists of 1 Chassis, optional Sonic Cannon turret, and an optional HMG turret.


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