My latest Onslaught shipment has arrived a day early, this batch is mostly infantry oriented and i’ll be sorting through it and packing those remaining backorders for shipping by the end of the week. Once that’s sorted the store will be updated with all the new arrivals.

On a less palatable note the onslaught range will see a slight increase in prices starting during this week it shouldn’t be to much only pence (which does mount up over hundreds of packs) but the strong dollar to the pound exchange rate means I need to adjust prices to reflect what i’m buying them in at now. So if you want to take advantage of the current prices you best do so very soon. This is the problem with importing from outside the EU every order I make from the states is at a different exchange rate. It goes up and down on a daily bases so I need to factor that in when ordering and also when tweaking the prices in store. Anyway i’ll be averaging out prices so that they will remain stable for as long as possible.

Sorry about this people but I need to keep imports viable for the business.

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