Released today are two new infantry packs for the novan elites  in the form of variant forefront troops without jump packs. Also coming out later in the week we have more 15mm, this time for the human forces so your skinnerz will have someone to fight.

I have a stock order in with Onslaught which includes all the new releases this should ship to me soon, both the 10mm fantasy and 15mm sci fi minis will also be held in stock once released.

Plenty of new models at various stages of development will be released over this year including a secret project range due soon more on this nearer the time of release. We also have a new faction “The Tainted” which will see it’s first release in a few month’s time.

I do hope to re-stock Microworld games figures once funds permit and may well bring in additional products from their range at that time.

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