Many of you took advantage of the birthday discount code on sunday I thank you all for the influx of orders which i’ve just finished packing this evening. Keep a look out for more such events in the future.

What else is going on well lets see, several new onslaught releases are in but i’m still waiting on that re-stock from customs i’ve had to fill out a form and return it to them so when i’ll finally get the shipment I can’t say.

Gregster’s lab are currently casting up new items for me but the going is slow due to other commitments similarly Battlescene’s designs have a full re-stock order in they are working through as time allows.

Looking at bringing in a few more codes from Microworld games and another product range is under negotiation from a new supplier.

As for my own range there are several new models soon to appear in the pre-order section plus a couple of imminent releases. There is a large amount of new prints slowly being sent out to casters for production and I have more in the print queue to follow.


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