Welcome to Vanguard Miniatures

I am a distributor for Onslaught Miniatures 6mm ranges and now also my own line of 6mm miniatures under the Defeat in Detail name formerly owned by Troublemaker Games.

A little about myself, like many I discovered wargaming many years ago via Games Workshop and their 28mm scale fantasy and sci fi game systems. Later I was introduced to a whole new scale 6mm when they released Adeptus Titanicus a game involving huge piloted robots fighting each other during a galaxy spanning civil war. Then came Space Marine first edition introducing infantry and vehicles to the system, needless to say I was hooked. Over time I drifted away from Games Workshop and engaged in historical gaming with GHQ’s incredibly detailed 6mm micro armour range which I still dabble in today. Never lost my interest in Games Workshops EPIC game system though and eventually returned to collecting and painting for that system too. 6mm is my preffered gaming and collecting scale these days with Onslaught Miniatures a particular favourite range and I decided that i’d try my hand at importing and selling these excellent models for fellow enthusiasts.

Needless to say it’s you fellow gamers and collectors who will determine the success or failure of this venture.

Wish me luck


Please make sure you regularly check the latest news post for what’s going on and when new stock and new items will be added to the store, cheers.